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A Clean break from the EU

 The only way to ensure we leave the EU and uphold democracy is to vote for the Brexit party. We are the only party committed to leaving on WTO terms and this is now the only way we can ensure a genuine exit from the EU and not one in name only.  


 A vote for the Brexit party is a vote to bring democracy closer to the people. The EU has made our politics into a technocracy. It's no surprise that the political elite on either side has no vision when they have seen themselves as mangers of the people rather than their servants for all these years.
Popular sovereignty resides with the people and I ask that you lend us your vote. Not for us to give away or to ignore because we know best, but so that we can represent you and restore our democracy. 

Bermondsey and Old Southwark

 While there have been many positive aspects to the area receiving some improvement at the same time gentrification has meant that many long-term residents have been priced out. The constituency has many international links thanks to people from all over the world who have made this their home; brexit isn't about rejecting Europe it is about embracing the world.

Your Prospective Candidate


Alex Matthews


I have worked in the constituency for 7 years as manager of a recruitment agency that has provided jobs for thousands of people. Before that I lived and worked as a teacher in Japan for 4 years where I started my own English language school. I have no political pedigree but after what has happened over the past 3 years I felt I had to get involved.

 During my time in Japan, I met my wife who is Chinese and will soon be applying for British citizenship. My mother is English and my father, a Greek Cypriot came here in 1968 and opened a fish and chip shop. I was born in Camden but have lived most of my life in Barnet, North London 


I was a member of the Labour Party for 6 years, but it has become clear to me and many others that the party no longer cares about representing the interests of working people. When I was young during the miner’s strike, we had miners living in our house for some time as my parents were active in the trade union movement. I have thought about those miners often since the Brexit vote. These men were lionised by the left for years but have been abandoned by them. I am in politics to improve the lives of people in this country and the first step to achieving that is by leaving the EU and restoring our democracy.

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